The seceded states formed a new government that was joined by a seventh state. A provisional president, vice president, and Congress were elected, while the U.S. president-elect began his journey to Washington. A high-ranking U.S. military commander was accused of treason. A last attempt at compromise was attempted, and a law that southerners had long opposed was enacted in the North.

Assembling at Montgomery | Image Credit: CivilWarDailyGazette.com

The Texas Secession

1 Feb – Delegates to the Texas State Convention at Austin voted 166 to 7 to secede from the United States.

The National Peace Convention

4 Feb – The Peace Convention called by the Virginia legislature in January assembled at Washington.

The Confederate States of America

8 Feb – Delegates to the Montgomery Convention approved the Provisional Constitution of the Confederate States.

The New Confederate Government

9 Feb – The Provisional Confederate Congress assembled in Montgomery, Alabama, and delegates to the Montgomery Convention selected a provisional president and vice president.

Lincoln Leaves Springfield

11 Feb – President-elect Abraham Lincoln and Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln left their hometown of Springfield, Illinois on their long journey to Washington, D.C.

Davis Arrives at Montgomery

16 Feb – Jefferson Davis reached the Confederate capital at Montgomery, Alabama after a five-day journey from his plantation home south of Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The Inauguration of Jefferson Davis

18 Feb – Jefferson Davis of Mississippi became the provisional president of the new Confederate States of America.

Lincoln Sneaks Into Washington

22 Feb – President-elect Abraham Lincoln secretly left for Washington in response to rumors that Confederate sympathizers planned to assassinate him in Baltimore.

Final Compromise Efforts

27 Feb – The U.S. House of Representatives considered and defeated various measures seeking to reconcile North and South.


Last Updated: 9/30/2018