M36-OCTOBER 1863

The siege of Chattanooga continued as a new general was given command of the Federal armies in the West. Braxton Bragg continued alienating his subordinates. The Republican rift in Missouri continued, and crucial state elections took place in various northern states. With both the armies in Virginia weakened, George G. Meade’s Federals tried to begin a new campaign against Robert E. Lee.

David approaching New Ironsides | Image Credit: Wikipedia.org

Wheeler’s Tennessee Raid

1 Oct – Major General Joseph Wheeler’s Confederate cavalry force entered the Sequatchie Valley in Tennessee to raid the supply lines of Major General William S. Rosecrans’s Federal Army of the Cumberland.

Chattanooga: Federal Reinforcements Arrive

2 Oct – Reinforcements from the Federal Army of the Potomac arrived at Bridgeport, Alabama, after being hurried from northern Virginia to support the Army of the Cumberland besieged in Chattanooga.

Shelby’s Missouri Raid

4 Oct – Colonel Joseph O. “Jo” Shelby’s Confederate “Iron Brigade” entered Missouri and conducted the longest raid of the war.

David vs. New Ironsides

5 Oct – A small torpedo boat named the C.S.S. David detonated a mine against the Federal ironclad U.S.S. New Ironsides outside Charleston Harbor, South Carolina.

Northern Virginia: Lee Moves North

7 Oct – Federal signalmen from the Army of the Potomac reported that General Robert E. Lee’s Confederate Army of Northern Virginia was mobilizing to possibly launch an offensive.

Chattanooga: Confederate Dissension Continues

9 Oct – President Jefferson Davis held meetings with the top officers in the Army of Tennessee to try resolving the deep dissension among them.

Chattanooga: Federal Leadership Questioned

11 Oct – Federal reinforcements from Virginia entered Chattanooga, but it was becoming clear that Major General William S. Rosecrans was not up to the task of breaking the Confederate siege paralyzing his Army of the Cumberland.

Northern Virginia: Another Flanking Maneuver

12 Oct – General Robert E. Lee’s Confederate Army of Northern Virginia attempted another flanking maneuver after Major General George G. Meade’s Federals fell back.

The 1863 Northern State Elections

13 Oct –

Engagement at Bristoe Station

14 Oct –

Northern Virginia: Lee’s Offensive Ends

15 Oct –

Grant Takes Western Command

16 Oct –

Chattanooga: Davis’s New Strategy

17 Oct –

Northern Virginia: The Buckland Races

19 Oct –

Chattanooga: Grant Takes Over

20 Oct –

Northern Virginia: Federals Weigh Their Options

22 Oct –

Chattanooga: Opening the Cracker Line

24 Oct –

The Battle of Wauhatchie

28 Oct –

Charleston: Another Federal Bombardment

31 Oct –


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