Fort Sumter came under heavy bombardment once more, and southerners worried that the loss of Charleston would destroy the Confederacy. President Abraham Lincoln delivered an historic address at the dedication of a national cemetery. Federals threatened eastern Texas once more. Knoxville fell under Confederate siege, and the long awaited battle for Chattanooga took place.

Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg address | Image Credit: etcjournal.com

Chattanooga: Bragg Weakens His Army

1 Nov – Just as the “cracker line” began resupplying the hungry Federal forces besieged in Chattanooga, General Braxton Bragg weakened his Confederate army by sending part of it to eastern Tennessee.

Banks Targets the Texas Coast

2 Nov – Major General Nathaniel P. Banks embarked on a campaign to conquer eastern Texas by seizing control of the Rio Grande River and the Texas coast.

Gettysburg National Cemetery: Lincoln’s Invitation

2 Nov – President Abraham Lincoln received an invitation to make a “few appropriate remarks” at the dedication of the new Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Longstreet’s Knoxville Campaign Begins

4 Nov – Lieutenant General James Longstreet’s Confederate corps left the Army of Tennessee at Chattanooga to confront Major General Ambrose E. Burnside’s Federal Army of the Ohio at Knoxville.

Northern Virginia: Meade’s New Offensive

5 Nov – Major General George G. Meade’s Federal Army of the Potomac began mobilizing to cross the Rappahannock River and face General Robert E. Lee’s Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.

Chattanooga: Grant Prepares to Attack

6 Nov – A Confederate deserter informed the Federal high command that General Braxton Bragg’s Confederate Army of Tennessee was vulnerable to attack.

The Droop Mountain Engagement

6 Nov – An engagement occurred as part of Brigadier General William W. Averell’s Federal raid on Confederate supply lines in West Virginia.

The Rappahannock Engagement

7 Nov – Elements of the Federal Army of the Potomac tried crossing the Rappahannock River, while General Robert E. Lee’s Confederates were determined to stop them.

Activity Slows in Northern Virginia

10 Nov – General Robert E. Lee’s Confederate Army of Northern Virginia returned to the south side of the Rapidan River, settling into the defensive positions they had left when they began moving against the Federals on October 9.

Charleston: The Federal Bombardment Continues

12 Nov – Federal batteries opened a new bombardment of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. The fort had already been reduced to rubble by this time, but the defenders still refused to surrender.

The Campbell’s Station Engagement

16 Nov –

The Siege of Knoxville Begins

17 Nov –

Lincoln Travels to Gettysburg

18 Nov –

The Dedication of Gettysburg National Cemetery

19 Nov –

Northern Virginia: Meade Looks to Advance

21 Nov –

From Henry Curtis, 37th Illinois

21 Nov –

Breaking Out of Chattanooga

22 Nov –

The Battle of Chattanooga: Orchard Knob

23 Nov –

The Battle of Chattanooga: Lookout Mountain

24 Nov –

The Battle of Chattanooga: Missionary Ridge

25 Nov –

The Battle of Chattanooga: Aftermath

26 Nov –

Northern Virginia: Federals Approach Mine Run

28 Nov –

The Battle of Fort Sanders

29 Nov –


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