In Washington, President Abraham Lincoln faced opposition from Radical Republicans, Peace Democrats, and even members of his own cabinet. Federals advanced on Meridian, and a major battle took place in Florida. A raid on Richmond was planned, and Federals plotted to escape from a notorious prison camp. Confederates turned to increasingly desperate measures to stem the Federal momentum.

The H.L. Hunley | Image Credit: Wikipedia.org

Sherman’s Meridian Campaign Begins

1 Feb – Major General William T. Sherman’s campaign to advance from Vicksburg to Meridian in Mississippi began.

Pickett’s New Bern Campaign

2 Feb – Confederates captured one of the largest Federal ships on the North Carolina coast, but their main mission was more difficult to accomplish.

Davis Urges Suspension of Habeas Corpus

3 Feb –

Sherman Targets Jackson Again

5 Feb –

The Pomeroy Circular and Other Political Intrigues

6 Feb –

Federals Move Out of Jackson

7 Feb –

The Daring Escape from Libby Prison

9 Feb –

Meridian: Federals Continue Moving East

11 Feb –

The Proposed Dalton Demonstration

12 Feb –

The Fall of Meridian

14 Feb –

North Carolina: Confederate Deserters Executed

15 Feb –

The Hunley Attack

17 Feb –

Federals Begin Operations in Florida

19 Feb –

The Battle of Olustee

20 Feb –

Northern Mississippi: Smith’s Incursion

21 Feb –

The Battle of Okolona

22 Feb –

The Dalton Demonstration

24 Feb –

From Frederick Bartleson, 100th Illinois

26 Feb – Letter from Col. Frederick Bartleson of the 100th Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Andersonville Prison Opens

27 Feb –

The Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid

28 Feb –


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