M46-AUGUST 1864

The siege of Petersburg continued. Abraham Lincoln continued fending off Democrats seeking peace and Radical Republicans seeking an even harsher war policy. His reelection in November seemed unlikely. Nevertheless, the Federals scored a major victory in the Gulf of Mexico. The fall of Atlanta was imminent, and the Federal tide began turning just as the Democrats assembled to choose a presidential candidate for the upcoming election.

The fight in the bay | Image Credit: Wikimedia.org

The New Army of the Shenandoah

1 Aug – Major General Philip Sheridan was assigned to command the new Army of the Shenandoah. Sheridan’s objective was to protect Washington while clearing the Confederates out of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley once and for all.

The Mobile Bay Campaign

4 Aug –

The Battle of Mobile Bay

5 Aug –

The Wade-Davis Manifesto

5 Aug –

The Battle of Utoy Creek

6 Aug –

The Army of the Shenandoah: Sheridan Takes Command

6 Aug –

The Moorefield Engagement

7 Aug –

Mobile Bay: Federals Seize the Forts

8 Aug –

The City Point Explosion

9 Aug –

The C.S.S. Tallahassee Raid

10 Aug –

The Battle of Deep Bottom Run

14 Aug –

The Shenandoah Valley: Sheridan Falls Back

16 Aug –

Republicans Press Lincoln for Peace

17 Aug –

The Second Battle of the Weldon Railroad

18 Aug –

Forrest Raids Memphis

21 Aug –

Lincoln Predicts His Own Defeat

23 Aug –

The Second Battle of Ream’s Station

25 Aug –

Atlanta: Sherman’s Armies Start Moving

25 Aug –

Prisoner Exchange Remains Suspended

27 Aug –

The Missouri Incursion Begins

28 Aug –

The 1864 Democratic National Convention

29 Aug –

Atlanta: Federals Approach Jonesboro

30 Aug –

The Battle of Jonesboro

31 Aug –


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