Politics began dominating northern discourse, as three major candidates were running for president. Democrats fought among themselves, while Abraham Lincoln worked to unite the Radical and conservative Republicans. Fighting intensified in the Shenandoah, and southerners endured misery in Georgia.

Map of the battle | Image Credit: CivilWarDailyGazette.com

The Battle of Jonesboro: Day Two

1 Sep – After the heavy fighting the previous day, just one Confederate corps was left to face six Federal corps at Jonesboro, south of Atlanta on the Macon & Western Railroad.

The Fall of Atlanta

3 Sep – Major General William T. Sherman received official confirmation that his Federals had captured the vital industrial and railroad city of Atlanta.

The Death of John Hunt Morgan

4 Sep – A Federal private ended the life of one of the Confederacy’s most legendary raiders.

The Fall of Atlanta: Aftermath

5 Sep – Major General William T. Sherman’s three Federal armies regrouped after capturing Atlanta, allowing General John Bell Hood’s Confederate Army of Tennessee to escape.

The Beefsteak Raid

5 Sep – Major General Wade Hampton, commanding cavalry for the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, received information that a herd of cattle capable of feeding the hungry army was loosely guarded by Federals.

The Atlanta Evacuation

7 Sep – Major General William T. Sherman, commanding the Federal armies now occupying Atlanta, made the controversial decision to force all residents out of their city.

McClellan Repudiates His Party’s Platform

8 Sep – Former General-in-Chief George B. McClellan officially accepted the presidential nomination by the Democratic Party. However, he alienated the peace wing of the party by repudiating their call to end the war at any cost.

Lincoln Looks to Unify Republicans

10 Sep – President Abraham Lincoln worked to reunite the conservatives and Radicals within his Republican Party as the presidential race began heating up.

The Shenandoah Valley: Sheridan Plans an Offensive

16 Sep –

The Battle of Opequon

19 Sep –

Georgia: Planning Upcoming Operations

20 Sep –

The Battle of Fisher’s Hill

22 Sep –

The Battle of Fisher’s Hill: Aftermath

23 Sep –

Forrest Captures Athens

24 Sep –

Jefferson Davis Travels South

25 Sep –

Price’s Missouri Incursion: Fort Davidson

26 Sep –

Bloody Bill’s Centralia Raid

27 Sep –

The Battle of Chaffin’s Bluff

28 Sep –

The Battle of Peebles’s Farm

30 Sep –


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