The Federal elections took place as the armies of a major nation voted for their commander-in-chief for the first time in history. Southerners watched with interest; most favored George B. McClellan, but some supported Abraham Lincoln because at least they knew where he stood. Confederate forces launched desperate attacks at various points, including a tragic clash in Tennessee, but the Federal war machine was only growing stronger.

The Battle of Franklin | Image Credit: Wikimedia.org

The Johnsonville Raid

1 Nov – Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Confederate cavalry moved south up the Tennessee River on two captured Federal transports to disrupt Federal river traffic en route to Johnsonville.

Sherman Plans to Leave Atlanta

2 Nov – Major General William T. Sherman prepared to lead his Federal forces southeast from Atlanta to the Atlantic coast, despite General John Bell Hood’s Confederate Army of Tennessee disrupting his supply lines.



From Cyrus Lewis, 1st Missouri Engineers

3 Nov –

Sherman Prepares to March to the Sea

6 Nov –

Jefferson Davis’s 1864 Annual Message to Congress

7 Nov –

Prelude to the 1864 Federal Elections

7 Nov –

The 1864 Elections

8 Nov –

The 1864 Elections: Aftermath

10 Nov –

The Shenandoah Valley: Confederates Not Quite Defeated

13 Nov –

Sherman’s March to the Sea Begins

15 Nov –

Sherman’s March Causes Panic

18 Nov –

Hood’s Confederates Enter Tennessee

21 Nov –

Tennessee: Hood Moves to Confront Schofield

22 Nov –

Sherman’s March: The Fall of Milledgeville

23 Nov –

The Plot to Burn New York

25 Nov –

Sherman’s March Cannot Be Stopped

26 Nov –

The Destruction of the C.S.S. Florida

28 Nov –

Tennessee: The Spring Hill Affair

28 Nov –

Massacre at Sand Creek

29 Nov –

The Battle of Franklin

30 Nov –

The Battle of Honey Hill

30 Nov –


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