February 1861

The seceded states formed a new government that was joined by a seventh state. A provisional president, vice president, and Congress were selected, while the U.S. president-elect began his journey to Washington. A high-ranking U.S. military commander was accused of treason. A last attempt at compromise was attempted, but the conciliators now seemed outnumbered.

The Texas Secession

Texas secedes from the Union, and the Federal military commander in the state controversially turns over all property to the Texans.

Inflexible on the Territorial Question

Abraham Lincoln reiterates that he will not accept any compromise with the South that might spread slavery into the territories.

The National Peace Conference

The National Peace Conference opens in Washington, but few believed that anything would come of it.

Building Greater Permanency

A convention opens in Montgomery as delegates from the seceded states start working to form a new nation.

The Farewell Soiree

The Lincolns hold their final reception in their Springfield home as they prepare for their move to Washington.

The Confederate States of America

Delegates to the Montgomery convention adopt a constitution, a Congress, and a chief executive in just five days.

There is Now but One Mind

Jefferson Davis leaves for Montgomery after learning that he is now the new president of the new Confederate States of America.

The Lincolns Leave Springfield

Abraham Lincoln bids farewell to the people of Springfield as he and his family begin their trip to Washington.

The New Confederate Government

The new Confederate vice president takes office, and the Provisional Congress gets started on making laws for the new nation.

No Crisis Except an Artificial One

President-elect Abraham Lincoln travels through Ohio and curiously refuses to acknowledge that a sectional crisis is taking place.

Secession Stalls Outside the Deep South

With the Deep South states now out of the Union, the slave states of the Upper South hesitate to follow.

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