October 1861

Both Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis experienced trouble with stubborn military commanders. A French invasion of Mexico threatened to spark an international incident. The Federals sustained another military disaster, and one of the greatest military careers in American history ended.

Carrying the War to the Enemy’s Country

Jefferson Davis meets with army commanders to discuss military strategy at Centreville in northern Virginia.

Terribly Grand and Terrific

Federal forces attack a Confederate detachment near Cheat Mountain in northwestern Virginia.

The Chicamacomico Races

Confederates scramble to defend the North Carolina coast, including efforts to take back Forts Clark and Hatteras at Hatteras Inlet.

A Gloomy Picture of Affairs in Kentucky

Confederates strengthen their defense line across Kentucky, as William T. Sherman gives his Federal superiors a gloomy report of affairs in the state.

My Plan is New Orleans

John C. Fremont leaves St. Louis to lead his Army of the Southwest against the secessionist Missouri State Guards of Sterling Price.

Kentuckians Resist Federal Occupation

A former U.S. vice president urges his fellow Kentuckians to resist the Federal occupation of their state.

Confederates Target Fort Pickens

Confederates attempt to seize Fort Pickens, a Federal stronghold on Santa Rosa Island near Pensacola, Florida.

Mason and Slidell Escape

Confederate envoys board a steamship in the hopes of eluding the Federal blockade and reaching Europe to gain Confederate recognition.

A Most Destructive Invention

The Confederates unveil a new metal-plated ram to break the Federal blockade at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

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