The Civil War Months

The United States of America had been in existence for less than a century when it was nearly shattered by the most terrible war in its history. This war destroyed America’s past and gave birth to the America that we have today. Any true understanding of America, both past and present, must include a true understanding of this conflict.

This work traces the entire story of the War Between the States in a concise monthly summary. In addition to all the major events that shaped the war, key facts that may have been forgotten by contemporary accounts are also included, such as:

  • Both Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis lost young sons during the war
  • The legendary Robert E. Lee faced intense southern criticism for military failures in the war’s first year
  • President Lincoln was required to testify before Congress that Mrs. Lincoln was not a traitor for having brothers who fought for the Confederacy
  • Jefferson Davis was routinely criticized in the South for centralizing and growing government, which was exactly what had prompted the southern states to secede in the first place
  • U.S. forces battled the Sioux Indians during the war, leading to the largest mass execution in American history
  • The Republican Party capitalized on the absence of southern opposition by enacting virtually its entire political and economic agenda during the war
  • A former Ohio congressman was banished to the South by Lincoln for opposing the war

Facts are explored and myths are exposed as the conflict is put in its proper chronological and historical perspective. The war nearly destroyed America, and it has pervaded American politics, society, and culture ever since. For anyone seeking a general resource guide to the seminal event in American history, this is essential reading.



  1. The illustration of the Battle of Chancellorsville (May 3, 1863, “repelling the Confederate attack”). What attack is this supposed to be? Or is it just the imagination of the artist?

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